Thanksgiving Dinner


Our family had such a wonderful time at Thanksgiving.  This past holiday was such a treat for all of us gathered in our backyard at the dinner table.  I think one of the most important things about interior (or exterior) design is how you enjoy the space.  Being that we love entertaining we designed this house and our backyard to be enjoyed by large gatherings of friends and family, just like a Thanksgiving Dinner Party.


Thanks Dad for snapping a picture of me at the table, it’s my “could-be-in-a-magagzine- pose” …well…maybe one day. 😉


Our house is always busy and active.  We love having friends and family over often for casual, even impromptu gatherings.  I love that everyone feels welcomed, as if it is their own home. (Or at least I hope you do, if you are one of those who visit my home and are reading this).  When we started our renovations, furniture selections,  and picked out paint (the washable, durable, boy-proof kind) we kept in mind how the space would be used.


Centerpieces re purposed from the Painted Pumpkins blog  and fresh flowers. 


Considering how the back yard would be used, we planned for a great large deck that could transform from a lazy tanning Sunday to a Friday night Dance party quickly, or in this case a dinner party for 16.  This was the first Thanksgiving I have ever hosted.  From the table decorating to the menu planning, and the cooking, I enjoyed every bit of it. The pumpkins, from the Painted Pumpkins blog even made their grand appearance as centerpieces here at the table and other spots in the house.


  Berry color hued flowers with fresh herbs and ferns from the garden for a simple table decor. 

I loved making the food from scratch and I will share some of the recipes that I will treasure for years like the Apricot Glazed Carrots,  Sage Mashed Potatoes, and the most amazing Italian Sausage Stuffing I have ever had. (If I made the stuffing can I toot my horn? Is that bragging too much? But seriously though, I LOVED IT).   However in this post the table decorating is taking center stage.  It was simple and garden themed, after all we were in our backyard garden.


Basil tied with a fern leaf was the simple table decor. 


With a big thanksgiving meal, keep the appetizer prep and spread simple…champagne and cheese board with some nut mixes. 


Jackie DiCi Thanksgiving Dinner
Moments before the special guest, the Turkey came out.

A very special thank you to my mom.  From the gravy to the details there is so much I could not have done without you.   Also, Mr. Kevin, you sir are the best.  Simply the best!



  1. Great stuff. Took me awhile to finally read one of your blogs, but I enjoyed it very much. We all feel like family when we’re over, so no need to worry about that. Thanks again for the great food and your wonderful hospitality.

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