Fresh Coats of Paint: Part Two

Part Two of the Fresh Coats of Paint blog series, I share with you how an old dresser got quite chummy with a paint sprayer loaded with perky peach paint from Benjamin Moore While transforming an old spare room into a nursery not everything needs to be sent to the curb.  An old dresser that has seen no love for a few years gets a dramatic coat of bright colorful paint.

When painting anything, the most important part for a professional perfect paint job is all in the preparation.  The dresser was stripped of all hardware, all drawers were pulled out, and every smooth surface got a rough sanding with a mouse sander.  The dresser was dragged outside to the middle of the yard and propped up.  Spraying paint gets everywhere. EVERYWHERE. So please be sure you are far away from anything you do not want painted.

JACKIE DICI: Painting Old Furniture
Sanding drawers and removing hardware is an important step in preparing to paint old furniture. 


Using a paint sprayer, in my humble little opinion, is one million times easier than spray paint in a can.  First, you can pick the exact or perfect favorite color in the wall of colors at the hardware store AND the application is a bit smoother, less drippy.  Patience is key, the first coat will look like whatever it is your painting is getting a light dusting, but just keep it even and smooth.


The second coat will show more color, and even out the base coat.   Before applying the second coat is a good time to use a really fine sand paper to lightly smooth any roughness left behind from spraying, repeat this process between additional coats.  Your final coat is most important to keep very even, spraying consistently and pass the spray point off the furniture/ area you are spraying so you don’t over lap any areas which can cause bubbling or puddling of paint.   To make anything appear super smooth and shiny, go across with extra fine grit paper again and apply any gloss or clear coat for a sheen or lacquer look.

JACKIE DICI: Painting Old Furniture Nursery Makeover
My twin sister and baby bump with the finished dresser ready for the nursery room makeover. 

I am not a professional painter but these tips/ method worked well for me.  Ultimately we ended up with a whole new dresser/ changing table for the nursery room.


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