Bacon is good food.

There is nothing  more simple to me than a BLT.  Even though the very fundamentals of a BLT are three simple ingredients I enjoy an over thought culinary masterpiece for a BLT.  My craving today for a simple BLT became just that and an hour later I had this:


Let me walk you through my thought process starting first with seriously thick slices of fresh multi grain bread and mayonnaise with touch of lemon zest.  Of course the mayonnaise, aioli, spread, whatever you would like to call it, is the quintessential ingredient of any food item named a sandwich second to bread.  Simple lettuce is for BLT’s on a classic diner menu. Instead I used fresh shredded spinach and romaine leaves as a bed for the ripe red tomatoes thinly sliced.

Now, for the bacon. Years ago in Dallas, I discovered in their supermarkets bacon was sliced right from the counter just like ordering cold cuts. (Insert: sounds of angels humming, gates of heaven opening).  Slicing it fresh is just the way bacon should be done. Thick salty perfection. This show stopper on my culinary BLT is just a few generous slices of fresh thick cut hickory smoked bacon.

A BLT that took me an hour to construct and was so worth it.  Build one of your own & share.

Take a Seat

I am just like any other girl.  I love trying the new trending styles.  There is only one small difference, my “let’s try something new” attitude directly relates to my addiction to furniture rather than the hottest skinny jean. This trending style addiction doesn’t come cheap and I will be the first to admit that extra bucks in my pocket will more than likely be contributed to my decor accessory addition than the latest handbag that I oogle over at Bloomingdales. The payoff in this purchase…the most drop dead gorgeous lamp you have ever seen.
Those of my nearest and dearest friends have recently heard about my sofa addiction.  Yes sofa addiction. Ladies and gentleman its a dark place, one that I don’t suggest going down.  The only way to avoid this problem is sit on the decision. Literally.  SIT. ON. IT. Before purchasing any sofa sit on it, lay on it, cuddle on it.
Second: Test it. Take a sample of the fabric and see how it survives bourbon spills, stains, rubbing, oil, and spot cleaning.  Lower priced furniture means that you will be replacing it in two to three years time.  Chances are the costs for the replacements are equal to the sexy italian sofa with the pricey price tag in the first showroom you took a spin around.  The same rule of fashion applies to furniture: just like a designer handbag that will last you decades, so will a good sofa.
I talk about it like I took my own advice. My dear friends, do as I say.  Not as I do.


Designer Home Tour: Spring Blooms on

I love the moment when winter becomes decidedly spring.  For many Spring is still slightly cold or cool weather and gardens coming to life.  For this Florida girl, spring means afternoon showers, bright new floral prints on all fabrics, and time for a fresh new bikini.  My most favorite of course is floral arrangements in the home.

My apartment almost always has a pot or a vase with greenery in every room. Its important, especially in the less frequently used spaces. With St. Patricks day around the corner I will honor the percentage of my Irish heritage with Belles of Ireland mixed with tulips and palm leaves.

Designer Home Tour: Spring Blooms on

I keep arrangements simple.  I like the simplicity of one type of flower in a single glass vase, those are my personal preferences but I encourage you to try lively mixed arrangements or colorful vessels.  I always purchase flowers from Whole Foods or Fresh Market, although if your in Miami a local hot spot is on the corner of Biscayne and 123rd.  If you do buy a premixed arrangement my suggestion is avoid or remove the “filler”, cut them fresh, and rearrange the stems a little so it looks more organic and NEVER buy a flower that has been dyed or is not a real color.  Nature is seriously already beautiful, neon carnations are not.

Designer Home Tour: Spring Blooms on

Designer Home Tour: Spring Blooms on

Spring has Sprung

Issu Winkelen February 2015

Photo: Issuu, Feb 2015, Winkelen

I love the moment seasons transition, particularly spring because I love introducing bright feminine colors after the rich jewel tones of the winter are long over due for a refresh.   It is so refreshing to see vibrant floral patterns in the home and on the runways.  I was very inspired by the above photograph seen on Issuu (Feb 2015 Winkelen).  To add a fresh take in my home I was slightly prepared for spring in January when I ordered a few yards of this Robert Allen print for pillow cases and now the finished product has arrived on my sofa just in time for the spring season.