Take a Seat

I am just like any other girl.  I love trying the new trending styles.  There is only one small difference, my “let’s try something new” attitude directly relates to my addiction to furniture rather than the hottest skinny jean. This trending style addiction doesn’t come cheap and I will be the first to admit that extra bucks in my pocket will more than likely be contributed to my decor accessory addition than the latest handbag that I oogle over at Bloomingdales. The payoff in this purchase…the most drop dead gorgeous lamp you have ever seen.
Those of my nearest and dearest friends have recently heard about my sofa addiction.  Yes sofa addiction. Ladies and gentleman its a dark place, one that I don’t suggest going down.  The only way to avoid this problem is sit on the decision. Literally.  SIT. ON. IT. Before purchasing any sofa sit on it, lay on it, cuddle on it.
Second: Test it. Take a sample of the fabric and see how it survives bourbon spills, stains, rubbing, oil, and spot cleaning.  Lower priced furniture means that you will be replacing it in two to three years time.  Chances are the costs for the replacements are equal to the sexy italian sofa with the pricey price tag in the first showroom you took a spin around.  The same rule of fashion applies to furniture: just like a designer handbag that will last you decades, so will a good sofa.
I talk about it like I took my own advice. My dear friends, do as I say.  Not as I do.

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