Bacon is good food.

There is nothing  more simple to me than a BLT.  Even though the very fundamentals of a BLT are three simple ingredients I enjoy an over thought culinary masterpiece for a BLT.  My craving today for a simple BLT became just that and an hour later I had this:


Let me walk you through my thought process starting first with seriously thick slices of fresh multi grain bread and mayonnaise with touch of lemon zest.  Of course the mayonnaise, aioli, spread, whatever you would like to call it, is the quintessential ingredient of any food item named a sandwich second to bread.  Simple lettuce is for BLT’s on a classic diner menu. Instead I used fresh shredded spinach and romaine leaves as a bed for the ripe red tomatoes thinly sliced.

Now, for the bacon. Years ago in Dallas, I discovered in their supermarkets bacon was sliced right from the counter just like ordering cold cuts. (Insert: sounds of angels humming, gates of heaven opening).  Slicing it fresh is just the way bacon should be done. Thick salty perfection. This show stopper on my culinary BLT is just a few generous slices of fresh thick cut hickory smoked bacon.

A BLT that took me an hour to construct and was so worth it.  Build one of your own & share.

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