Modern Holiday Door Wreath

I found inspiration on the  Made From Scratch Blog for a simple modern wreath. That post in the link looked like the most fun little Christmas party.   Usually I prefer classic white lights and Traditional reds and greens during the holidays, but I fell in love with the idea of this modern wreath with black ornaments.  It was a good excuse to get my art’s and crafts on! 

My most helpful momma, the queen of all arts and crafts, was here to help me with the task of pruning  and trimming the decorative pine stems from Michael’s.   Using a simple embroidery hoop, I started working from the middle edge  down toward the clasp where we clustered the pine cones and spray painted black ornaments.

Now that we have renovated our entire Miami home into a modern transitional design with a very simple color palette of grays, taupe’s, and black.  This wreath compliments the tone of the interiors and cheerfully greets guests.  Yes, Kevin (my lovely better half), yes the wreath is finished, it’s a modern door wreath. 

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