Holiday Home Scent

We are a family that LOVES home fragrances and scented candles.  When combined in a home they should all smell good together and not become overwhelming. Mixing scents should be natural and seasonal which is why I love simmering the natural scents on the stove top. See recipe below. Also, here our some tips to mixing and using home fragrances this season. 


There is nothing sweeter than the smell of fresh cut pine and those warm spices that make the holidays feel cozy.  When mixing scents I try to keep use even my favorite smells and perfumes at the right time of season.  The cleaning products, perfumes or soaps, and scented candles are all more items that I carefully select based on scents.    Taking a hint from nature.  All plants and flowers bloom or flourish at different times of the year giving off their natural scents which is most when I try to use those types of oils or aromas. 


Usually all natural scents and seasonal scents do smell wonderful together.   But it is super important to note that using all of them combined can smell like walking through a lineup of perfume spritzers at a mall.  Choose a scent and use it throughout the home.  It’s a clue from department store and hotels.  They have one signature scent in the air throughout their spaces which are tailored to them.  The scent could be a spicy blend or floral citrus that is tweaked with hints of seasonal aromas depending on the time of year.


Whenever possible I always use natural, essential oils for scents.  I prefer cleaning products like Mrs. Meyers or  Simply Spotless and fragrances for beauty like Jo Malone.   Especially during the holidays or a good home cleaning day I love to try all-natural mixes for a fresh scent.   During the holidays I combine my favorite natural flavors in a pot filled with water, simmer on low for hours which fills the house with an awesome aroma.  This mix can even chill over night and be reused the next day, add water if necessary.  See below for my “recipe” or search this link to Pinterest for many more great combinations.



My fresh holiday home scent included: 1 apple, 2 cinnamon sticks, a packet of cloves, 3 small tangerines, 4 star of anise, 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract, 1 lemon,  two branches of fresh pine, 1 cup of fresh cranberries, and a pot of water. Simmered for 4 hours, and the house smelled like the holidays have finally arrived!



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