Caramelized Pear Cheesecake


Just in time for Thanksgiving I share with you this absolutely delicious recipe for caramelized pear cheesecake that I prepared with my mom the other day for her birthday.  This cheesecake was simple to prepare and has a beautiful fall color.  If you want to bring something to Thanksgiving this is it!


Jackie DiCi: Caramelized Pear Cheesecake


The classic New York style cheesecake recipe is best in this dessert.  You can use any classic recipe you prefer or try this one I scooped up from Epicurious, New York Style Cheesecake.   Unless of course, your kitchen and oven is consumed by other dishes for the holiday you can take the semi-home made shortcut and purchase a classic cheesecake from your local supermarket bakery.


Jackie DiCi: Caramelized Pear Cheesecake


Thank you to Sally’s baking addiction blog, where I found the salted caramel recipe. This was by far the most awesome caramel sauce.  I opted for unsalted butter and heavy whipping cream, followed the directions carefully, and added a coarse sea salt which did not entirely dissolve and I LOVED the few surprise crystals in the sauce.   Mom’s tip: use a candy thermometer to perfect the timing of the sugar and when to incorporate the butter and cream.


Jackie DiCi: Caramelized Pear Cheesecake


The real show stopper is the artistically arranged pears that top it.   In a skillet slices of pear were softened with some unsalted butter and sprinkled with sugar to help the caramelizing.  I left the pears to cool before placing on top of the cheesecake about 30 minutes, or until room temperature.  I garnished with some fresh thyme springs that were on hand for a seasonal touch.

Jackie DiCi: Caramelized Pear Cheesecake



Jackie DiCi: Caramelized Pear Cheesecake


Here is another idea for a dish to bring to Thanksgiving, read on the blog: The super power salad

This light, make ahead salad includes roasted squash, fresh pomegranate, and frisee with an apple dressing. It is light and perfect for early Thanksgiving day hungry house guests.


Jackie DiCi Thanksgiving Purple Salad





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