Thanksgiving Dinner Invitations

Thanksgiving Dinner Invitations

You’re invited to Thanksgiving Dinner! Ok, so maybe in your family you don’t need an invitation to the annual Thanksgiving dinner. Some family traditions are so deeply rooted  that little changes in regards to the where dinner will be hosted or whose going to get a bit tipsy.  In our growing and changing family, we are getting married, having babies, or spread across the country. Traditions get complicated.

You can never please everyone, but what you can do is just make it special for you and those who are able to be there with you.  This year we were given the honor to carry on the Thanksgiving tradition and host the large family event. It’s our first Thanksgiving in our newly remodeled Miami home and we are VERY excited! For a special little touch, I made invitations to dinner.

You may have noticed from my previous, Painted Pumpkins post that if I have spray paint I will paint something. In a “quick trip to Target” (two hours and lots of stuff I didn’t go to the store for) I picked up a stationary set of blank card stock paper and envelopes and then went home and got a little paint on them.  Each one is unique, I applied painters tape in different patterns each time, and quickly removed it so that I did not ruin the paper.  It came off cleanly with a nice neat paint line.  I love the colors picked for those pumpkins, which will also make another appearance on the dinner table as succulent floral centerpieces, so I see a theme trending here.





Maybe it inspires you to send your own invitation, to someone who hasn’t visited in a while, or someone who is always there, and you want to remind them how much you are looking forward to having them at your table.  Because most importantly, in the digital age of today, the art of snail mail is so much more fun.


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