DIY Fireplace Design Feature

You are more likely to find a “Florida room” before you find a fireplace in any South Florida home, but they are more common than you think.  Especially in older neighborhoods that were built in the 20’s and 30’s when heating was considered a luxury.  Today a fireplace design feature adds character to an interior space, even romance, or a sense of warmth that is nice to have during the few cold winter days that Floridians experience.

During the renovations on our new home in Miami we decided to use extra wood and drywall to create a fireplace design feature in our living room.   My intent was to create a focal point and add height to the room’s shallow ceiling that is just shy of nine feet.  It is wonderful how it anchors the whole room and dramatically enriched the mood of the space.

We started the process by first selecting a fireplace and found the Lugo wall mounted ethanol fireplace by ModaFlame to be the right fit for both size and burn time.   With dimensions figured out, we framed out the silhouette, added drywall, then sanded and smoothed the seams.  This creates a LOT of dust, be warned, and your smoke detectors are sensitive to construction dust. Although I opted to paint the fireplace design feature the same color as the walls in the space, I did consider other options like a marble stone slab or a textured wall covering that would create a dramatic effect.

DIY Flueless Fireplace






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Fireplace: Moda Flame Ethanol Fireplace



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