Selecting a Modern Horizontal Slat Fence

Jackie DiCi Contemporary Slat Fence

Deciding what projects to start when you have a house full of renovations to begin can seem overwhelming.  “Research” says that it is important to light the property and secure fences.   These projects were actually among our top choices and I had my sights set on a modern horizontal slat fence.


Jackie DiCi: Selecting a Modern Fence


Jackie DiCi: Selecting a Modern Fence




I saw a residence in Austin, Texas  years ago with  slat fence and fell in love with this fence style.  Almost any style home can be complimented by a modern horizontal slat fence. Once I started looking for a horizontal slat fence I learned that many fence companies were  hesitant to quote this job, it was the “standard” fences that the city always passes with a green light for permits. When I found a local carpenter who was already working on the same style fence on a another house in the neighborhood and had actually sounded positive about taking on another one I was ecstatic.  Miami residents take note: Phillips Decking was such a pleasure to work with.  Holes were dug, posts were placed, and each horizontal slat was carefully leveled.  I understand the artistry in this.  Each board needs to be straight and the spacing perfectly done because as the fence ages, weathers, expands, and contracts it should always look as good as did on the first day.

A few notes, I recommend keeping the stain color natural hued not to dark or painted. Also digging up the holes for the posts makes a mess of the yard so save the pretty landscaping for later down the road so your hard work green thumbing doesn’t get trampled on.



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