Penthouse 25: The art that inspired the design.

The artwork dominated the entire design of our home.  I had just inherited this large blue & black canvas painted by mother which was perfect for the 12′ high ceilings.  It is the first thing you see when you enter the apartment and it set the tone for the entire space.  I had to blend two homes: my shabby chic single girl garden apartment from Las Olas with his bachelor pad South Beach waterfront home. I wanted minimal meets masculine with a feminine touch.   Enjoy looking around at my favorite spots in our Miami penthouse which I have so enjoyed living in.  Today as I pack it all up and see stacks of boxes in every room I wanted to share just how great it was to spend time here with everyone who visited.

Jackie DiCi Blog Penthouse 25

blue painting

Jackie DiCi blog Penthouse 25

The living room with my DIY Prada artwork project.  I stenciled on the lettering and with door trim made the floating frame for the 1 ” thick canvas.  The whole living room was inspired by the sofa picture of Meredith Heron’s office I came across while reading the style me pretty blog.  (See Meredith Heron’s office on the blog here)

Master Bedroom Headboard

I took inspiration from the Room & Board catalog when I put together the master bedroom. The canvas was something I created from a framed artwork piece at Bed Bath & Beyond and covered it in white primer paint. It was a horrible painting I was even embarrassed to buy but I wanted the frame and the canvas. As I stood in line with it I felt like screaming “don’t worry I am a professional designer and this will be re-purposed!”  This blue & white abstract scene is what hangs above the bed today.

The start of a new project is always exciting for any designer.  Many times you become so involved with the pieces, colors, and concept that is easy to loose sight of the original design plan.  The advice I give often to those designing and decorating their space is to stay focused. If you like something at the store you need to know exactly where it will go in your home and if it will look good there otherwise you can be loosing sight of the design. My Pinterest inspiration board for our apartment kept me focused.

Penthouse 25 Pinterest Board

Most importantly remember who lives there and what makes them comfortable. For example, the green pet friendly synthetic turf is where our Boston Terrier, Kane can almost always be found and it also added a bit of the backyard feel which is very needed when you are surrounded by high rises in a heavy populated city like Miami.

Jackie DiCi Blog Penthouse 25

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