IKEA Hack: Malm Drawers

Ikea hack! Malm drawers found on Jackie Dici


I had a 3 drawer set from Ikea that was on its way to the curb when the time came to revamp a room in our Miami apartment. I glammed up these Malm drawers that were black (although they do come in white) with paint and hardware for storage with a bit of style. If you are lucky enough to skip straight to the hardware then you my friends will get this done in an hour rather than the weekend it took me.

Ikea hack! Malm drawers found on Jackie Dici design blog.




Ikea hack! Malm drawers found on Jackie Dici

Here is a quick tip, when painting furniture that you would like to acheive a smooth finish on start with a primer and use a roller specific for smooth surfaces.   Most importantly don’t rush things, do a smooth coat, and build on that.  Always wait for the coats to completely dry before applying another layer of paint. 

Ikea Hack! Malm drawers found on Jackie Dici


These lamps are quite possibly my favorite lamp, I currently own 3 of them because I fell in love with their proportion, glass diffuser, size, switch, bulb. The whole package at an exceptional price.  Lamps can be pricey, and I own a few that are, but these have always been a favorite of mine.

Hardware is the easiest way to update almost any piece of furniture or cabinetry.   Think of it as an accessory to an outfit and have fun with it.   I selected brass pulls from House of Antique hardware and corner braces found in Home Depot.   I would say the key to pulling it off with a store bought look is measure and level each drawer pull as you go to make sure they are all in the exact position left to right and top to bottom, this goes for the braces as well.   I then started with pilot holes so that it was easier to get the brass handle to screw on without it scratching the surface while I worked on screwing in the pulls.

Ikea Hack! Malm Drawers found on Jackie Dici


Ikea Hack! Malm drawers found on Jackie Dici

When a project is finished it is the best reward in the world.  I have customized storage that works well for what I needed and has a style that I wanted.




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