Designer Home Tour: Master Bedroom

Designer Home Tour: Jacqueline DiCiacco Miami Master Bedroom

Sometimes I just want to jump in the bed like a starfish and sink deep into the soft mattress and feathery pillows. The bed has always been this comfortable, but the whole entire feel of the bed and for that matter the bedroom changed the moment I had the navy linen studded headboard installed on our king bed.

A headboard is like the perfect statement piece to an outfit- it just makes the whole look work. I am not a fan of hard headboards, I personally prefer upholstered pieces for the simple idea that you can lean against it comfortably while sitting in bed.

Designer Home Tour: Jacqueline DiCiacco Miami master bedroom

Winged Tufted Headboard in Navy from Wayfair 

All of the art in my house I have painted or drawn myself. I don’t really see myself as an artist in the conventional paint to canvas sense, it happens by accident. The charcoal drawing of the man and woman in the above picture was hidden in an old portfolio pad from my college art class days, and came across it years later and fell in love with the piece I had originally discarded.

Framing the well dressed bed with crisp Hotel Collection sheets are clutter free antique tables used as nightstands that are probably the most prized pieces of furniture I own and I feel very lucky to have inherited these down the line from my family.  They add that special element of character to the room.

Designer Home Tour: Jacqueline DiCiacco Miami Master Bedroom

Jackie DiCi Inteiror Designer Home Tour

Pink Tufted Ottoman from Threshold by Target

A bedroom is a private place that should be simple enough to relax in and elegant enough to be lived in by the adults that dwell there. I kept very much in mind that it not only has to be enjoyed by me, but my partner as well.  There is something sentimental or special in all of the pieces like the little blue bowl for his watches/ pocket change we picked up in China Town on our recent visit to New York that sits on the nightstand.

Designer Home Tour: Jacqueline DiCiacco Master Bedroom in Miami

White Tulip Table Lamps from LexMod

I have loved this bedroom with its dramatic 12′ ceilings and Sunny Isles beach skyline that can be viewed while sitting in bed.  I have ordered a custom wool area rug and will be very excited to have that last element in the room, ironically just when we are buying the next house and preparing to move.

Designer Home Tour: Jacqueline Diciacco Miami Condo Master Bedroom

Designer Home Tour: Jacqueline DiCiacco Miami Condo

Sedona Gray Landry Hamper from Crate and Barrel

(Above: While taking photographs, our Boston Terrier, Kane brought me his stuffed jack, to help decorate of course) Stuffed Jack from Blue Ribbon Pet Products.

Cover Photo: Stockholm Chandelier and Wall Mounted Media Storage from IKEA, Black tailored bed skirt from Bed Bath and Beyond.  Always use the Hold On! bed skirt pins with bed skirts they are the best product invented!   Other accessories from Threshold by Target and my favorite Pearl River Mart in New York’s China Town. 

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