A Golden Light

malachite table via fullhouse

The shiny rich brass gold lamps of a past era nearly disappeared from stylish homes throughout the decades and today the vintage brass styles are reclaiming there space in the home. Regretfully I discarded my own inherited brass gold table lamp base several years back thinking that it was dated and out of style (base pictured below).

il_340x270.739905929_diavRecently I have seen this gold lamp (above) on blogs, magazine features, and even on a movie set like it is taunting me for ditching it like a bad boyfriend.  I am shopping now to find it again or the concept of it, a slightly vintage modernistic brass sculpture light fixture.  As I shop for this item I have found a  few that I am starting to covet like the fantastic pair of golden globe table lamps shown in the featured picture by Designer Anastasios Mentis, or some of the following below.

italian lamps circa 70s

Pair of Italian Vintage brass Table Lamps, circa 1970
Pacific Coast Lighting

Image: Pacific Coast Lighting

Trumna Gold Lamp

Image: Truman Table Lamp

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