W E L C O M E   T O   J A C K I E    D I C I

I am an interior designer/ blogger/ lover of all things entertaining/ trial and error chef/ and mother to a boston terrier puppy, Kane.   Our life is lived to it’s fullest in Miami with my better half, Kevin.  Most days you can find us DIY’ing a remodeling project or hosting a party in the Nasello household.  When I am not blogging, I keep very busy as an interior design project manager with some really cool people at Dkor Interiors, a residential design firm based in Miami.  KEVIN NASELLO.  MIAMI MARBLE OF THE WORLD

My passion is everything and anything design and DIY.  All of the projects we tackle and attempts at glamorous menu planning are shared with friends, family, and you, my fine followers of my personal blog, Jackie DiCi.  I am a freelance writer sometimes featured on fellow design blogs because I LOVE design and writing just that much.  If you are looking for some words or collaborations please send me a note!

A few things I believe are that interiors should have something to say about the people who live there and simple sophisticated spaces speak volumes.  I am not a decorator or design enthusiast. Design is my life both professionally and personally. I have this wild brain that never stops examining the details and when I dream it is in color and the lighting is always appropriate.

I invite you to look around at the gallery and stay in touch to see our latest home remodeling projects or products and recipes we love to use and share!  Also, I know you are creative too and encourage shared ideas, projects, collaborations, or questions!

It’s nice meeting you, thank you for reading.



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