The Pumpkin Patch

October is the start of all things fall that I am in love with.   The cooler fall weather, holiday entertaining, and warmth in the home.  Home is where fall starts for me. I change the scent in the house to fragrant amber, spicy citrus, and clove.   Load the house up with colorful pumpkins and gourds and dive into every recipe that has a signature fall ingredient.




But what is most sweet about October is the small neighborhood pumpkin patches that pop up.  It feels rewarding somehow to see the fruits of the farmers labor sprawled around hay stacks and scarecrows.  Scouring the piles of pumpkins to find the perfect one.  Shape, color, grooves, stem, all the things evaluated for the perfect pumpkins.  But like my Christmas tree (more on this later), I like those odd guys.  The super tall oval pumpkin or the short and fat guy.  The more bumpy or more symmetrically-off the pumpkin, the better.

I support local pumpkin patches, the church group or small farm that opens up their grassy areas to the locals to take there pick of the litter.   This is the start of fall, the beginning a festive holiday season, and what I love about October.





A variety of color, shapes, and sizes are perfect for home decor and table scapes.











Check out other great pumpkin ideas like the painted pumpkins shown below on the previous blog post featuring this cool and simple DIY project from last Halloween.  Or get inspired with some other great pumpkin decorating ideas from the post, “Pumpkins, Pumpkins!”



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