Harper Pearl’s Nursery


]There was a huge rush of emotions that flooded over myself and the parents-to-be as they stepped into the nursery of their baby girl for the first time.  It was like a cheesy good HGTV moment, or a overwhelmingly silly but emotional television advertisement. It was just immediate waterworks.


When Joleen & Leon called me about the good news I was overjoyed for my friends. It was even more touching to be asked to create the nursery design for the couple, who wanted the reveal to be a surprise.  With just a few inspiration photos from our collaborated Pinterest board I engulfed myself in the world of baby toys, gadgets, furniture, and accessories for the design of Harper Pearl’s nursery.

I am not a mom, but I do make a wicked cool Aunt and happen to be super in love with designing nursery’s.  They are small intimate spaces completely created for a future little human, yet practicality and comfort is a must.

Lucky for me I have a twin sister that recently had a baby.  We learned a lot from putting together her nursery design, see the blog It’s a Girl!  I understood the basics of what is needed- crib, dressing table, chair, etc.  There are also some other fun decor tips for paint, lighting, and accessories that I adapted from the world of interior design for baby design.   I will share more on the special accessories and handmade DIY artwork in the next post.  This first short story highlights the basics room elements of this sweet, pearl inspired nursery.


Starting with the bones of this once unused spare room off the second floor, we needed a fresh, clean palette.  To brighten up the space I selected a neutral paint color, which is super smart because the color and design can grow with baby.  In Harper Pearls nursery, we used Benjamin Moore Natura Paint, in Sand Dollar.  Small tip: Natura paint is zero VOC, zero emissions, is durable and washable!  Winner for pregnant moms and walls with crayon marks in their future.


If these walls could talk, right? They should! Walls with a little more love given to them add style to a space.  The special, Phillip Jeffries silk like vinyl purchased from Dkor Window and Walls added a shimmery, durable design to the wall behind the crib.  It is subtle but had huge impact in the space, you can always opt for a wall covering with more pattern or color for more style, but keeping it simple is better for the years ahead.  Tip: the walls in this room had a knockdown texture, but it was a very easy step to have our contractor skim coat the walls and sand smooth for the wall covering to be applied.


I am inspired by Kelly Wearstler who always makes kids spaces slightly sophisticated, and a chandelier does just that! The lighting in a nursery should always be fun and most will cast shadows on the walls that I am certain are just as stimulating to baby as they are to you and I.   The West Elm droplet chandelier had a zillion little glass ornaments to be assembled, but this piece was the special element in the room.

The other small lighting detail was the changing table wall sconce that I had spray painted in copper to amp up its otherwise basic black hue. The All Modern Decorative Wall sconce does double duty with an easy on/off switch and additional plug! Everything is right in reach for mom, and with the light attached to the wall it is a safer option for curious hands when baby starts to grow.


There are so many fun details in this space.  Now that we have welcomed baby girl, Harper Pearl into this world I am so excited to finally share this special project.  I dedicated every spare minute shopping and DIY crafting wanting it to be just perfect. The handmade artwork from Handlettershop and even some of my own watercolor pieces made their way into the room. Check them out and more on the next post!

To my dear friends Joleen & Leon, this project overwhelmed me with emotion in having been a part of something I knew was so important and special to you both. Thank you for making me a part of it.


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