A Little Something About A Sanctuary

IMG_20170401_172300430 (1)

While I started writing this post (and more posts to follow) several months back, today I finally found some me time. Fellow bloggers know the hardest part of the blog is not the words, the pictures, or the story, it’s just pressing publish.  So, without further delay… the series of a home remodeling story as written throughout the process.


Floridians are enjoying the extended daylight with slightly cooler temperatures before it soars into the high heat of summer. These days are PERFECT for some outdoor activities, like gardening! Ah-hem, let me use my singing voice, “garden-innggg” Even a few of these rain showers are good news for my green guys.   I didn’t always have a green thumb, not even a slightly yellowish thumb.  My gardening skills were zip.  But, I have taken up the hobby with great passion.   Our backyard has become our absolute favorite part of our home, our paradise, our time most spent here to disconnect from our hectic lives. Either to relax or let loose.  But it took a long time to get here and this is where we started….


Our new home came with a lot of overgrown and unkept ficus shrubs, bougainvilleas, birds of paradise, bamboo, and more weeds than I know how to recognize.  These are all beautiful plants but when they are left to grow wild they can consume a garden.  The overgrown plants also consumed the old chain link fence surrounding the property that desperately needed to be replaced.



We made the decision to start from scratch, clear the yard and see what we were working with.   The first thing to go were the ficus trees and  birds of paradise.  Being  that the house was built in 1935 its safe to assume the 20′ ficus trees were planted around the same time meaning those roots are huge and deep.  Thankfully my has-every-tool-possible-handy man hacked and sawed them out of the ground.  When we made the decision to clear it all we discovered a yard three times the size we thought we had.

Before all the tree lovers tell me how horrible it was that I ripped everything out let me start by saying they  were dangerous to our pup as they unhinged and warped our fences also grew infected with white fly.

Clearing the backyard was a small mission but a day of yard work from hired hands and we came home to a drastically different landscape.  Although I am very happy to see our yard triple in size I do advise any new homeowners to be present when gardeners start uncovering your trees and overgrown plans AND take time to see what you have before you eradicate everything.

Our sanctuary is rebuilt and bigger than we dreamed of… Here is a sneak peak of what we did and what is soon to come on the next posts…




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