Modern Holiday Decor

My black addiction is not gothic or morbid.  It’s modern.  I love black.  Yes, my closet is filled with an all black wardrobe and more black shoes than one should ever own. I also especially adore my black velvet chairs that accent my living room.  I have a thing with black.

Last year’s Christmas in our new home was a dust filled construction site, a very white Christmas indeed.  Despite the mess we put up a tiny little tree and made the best of the holidays.  But even in last year’s dust I felt that this home isn’t the style of a wildly colorful tree adorned with the colorful collections of ornaments from past years.  This home felt so minimal and I remember feeling the tree should feel as modern as the home.

I know Kevin would prefer a giant 10 foot tall Christmas tree that skims the very surface of the ceiling and fills the room like a Clark Griswold tree.  He is a go big or go home kind of guy, but I prefer a small skinny little tree. The little tree no one wants, has soft weak little branches, and a big hole on its side.  A tree that I will overload with garlands of white christmas lights and as many silver, gold, and black ornaments as it can hold.   Yes, black ornaments.

When I searched for inspiration on a modern christmas tree I came across deep rich hues for ornaments in plums, navy, and black shades.  I loved the idea of matte black ornaments nestled in the branches, well…that and I also needed black ornaments for my modern holiday door wreath, see the blog here.  

 I love how the modern Christmas tree looks in our living room this year. One year after the renovations have finally wrapped up, here is this small but perfect little tree fitted into the perfect little spot next to those black velvet chairs.  This spot was picked to be viewed from every room and corner of the house.  You truly can see it no matter what room you are in, even if it’s just a branch or reflection of the lights in a mirror. That’s right this year it’s truly a black Christmas with my modern Christmas tree. 

Here is some other holiday touches in the home that have me feeling all warm and fuzzy….


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