Fresh Coats of Paint: Part One

I think I may have got caught up in the holidays, house projects, and other writing assignments that I saved little or no time for Jackie DiCi posts.  Which is unfortunate because too many way cool projects have been going on in our house, I will have to catch you all up! As my new years resolution I promise to get back on track.  New years resolutions are nice that way, like a fresh start.  A reset button allowing you to get another chance to shine. All my projects are getting just that, the old things that need new life are given a fresh new coat of paint and have become show stoppers.

Paint is the magical remedy for (almost) all things old. Although our backyard fence did not really appear old, especially after we pressure washed.  The fence actually looked quite nice, I enjoyed seeing it fresh, clean, and bare just like a youthful face before makeup.  It’s almost unnecessary when your that beautiful with clean naked skin.  Just how make up adds a little polish or big time drama…so does a good coat of paint.

The very next day after we bought the house (Summer 2015) paint samples went up. It’s neat to see a glimpse of the backyard then which is now almost unrecognizable.  (Left to Right: Sherwin Williams Urban Bronze, Behr  Deep Forrest, and Behr Cracked Pepper)

The colors on the exterior are/were White and Brown.  It was a very “expected” color combo and I wanted to modernize it with some cool tone hues. I have fallen IN LOVE with Sherwin Willliams Urbane Bronze color SW-7048 .  With my new Wagner Paint Sprayer Kit  I went to town on that fence and loved every minute of painting.  The color is paired with the new deck stain (Thompson’s Water Seal Timber Oil in Teak) and it gives our backyard the dramatic look we wanted.  The typical shadow box fence is now a seriously upgraded style.

Friends, it is that new spray gun that is getting me into lots of good trouble.  Which is why this blog is titled Part One.  The other parts to follow include all the other items that have fallen victim to my paint sprayer, including: deck staining, painting an old dresser, drawer pulls, an accent chair, and a hurricane proof metal front door.  Stay tuned!

Jackie DiCi Sherwinn Williams Urban Bronze
Paint is on the fence, deck is stained, baby clusias are planted…next landscape lighting and some much needed sod! (Fence: Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze, Deck Thompsons Water Seal in Teak)



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