One Room Challenge: Bathroom Demolition


JACKIE DICI: One Room Challenege

I am so glad to have joined the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home for the design blogger six week challenge to transform one space in our own homes. This week in my bathroom, it’s demolition time.

We have spent every spare minute searching sinks, toilets, fixtures, tiles, and bathroom designs to create our perfect little bathroom.  Our 1930’s sized Miami shores bathroom is getting a major overhaul and upgrade.

Blue ORC Guest transparent

With a serious lack of storage space Igrabbed every inch in the walls I could and designed a custom wall mounted sink to maximize storage and surfaces.  All the details were drawn out and personally reviewed with our contractor that we selected for this job, RAF Projects.



Thanks to my super helpful representative who worked with me day and night via email and phone to find the best price for the right fixture until we were able to build a cart and order every part my contractor is going to need. Just three days later it was like Christmas morning.Jackie DiCi One room challenge With everything on deck ready to go paper was laid to protect our homes floors and furniture was covered with plastic because construction dust gets everywhere.  Trust me… EVERYHWERE.  In one day everything that was once gray slate and dreary boring 12″ tiles became a giant dust pile.  All that remained is just a shell of framing and exposed plumbing.

JACKIE DICI Bathroom Remodel: BEFORE



Jackie DiCi: One Room Challenge

Jackie DiCi: One Room Challenge

Stay tuned for my One Room Challenge Bathroom demolition and remodeling.  The tiles and lighting are going in next.  We will have one room remodel completely wrapped up in no time!

Jackie DiCi: One Room Challenge
Marble tiles selected for the bathroom remodeling.

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