Dorothy Draper

One of my favorite style and design icons is Dorothy Draper.  Her design ideas, colors, and patterns are styles that I admire, although I do not believe I have enough guts to do a project that incorporates that much texture, color, and pattern.  Even if I could pull it off, like any good interior designer, I know there is a difference between a unique design and trying to go for something that has already set a very high bar. Some styles are better left being admired rather than replicated.  But this small collection of photographs captured the essence of Dorothy Draper, although they are from decades ago her designs are still timeless and the colors as vibrant as ever.

Dorothy Drapers Interiors

The Greenbrier by Dorothy Draper


In my home however, I will just covet the banana leaf printed pillow like the one I found on Etsy shop, Sweety Store, or the Braziliance fabric shown on the chair below if I get brave enough.  But the use of this pattern is found in many places and the Cote D’Azur wall covering is still popular and can be purchased through Designer Wallcoverings.

C.R. Laine's Copley armchair in Dorothy Drapers Brazilance


Take inspiration and make it your own:

Image from Wayfair
Image from Homestilo

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