Spanish Revival House Hunting

peppermint bliss

Our search to buy a home is in full swing these days and I have been revisiting the architecture trends though the years in South Florida.  From Spanish revival to the modern Art Deco, the vastly different styles blend together throughout the iconic Miami neighborhoods of Coconut Grove, Morning Side, and Miami Shores.

I found myself attracted to one almost cottage like adobe home with Spanish revival renovations.  The interior was modern and freshly updated with exposed wood beams in the ceiling, dark wood floors, and dramatically white walls.  Perhaps with a fresh coat of white on the exterior the home would be just as appropriate as the modern gray and glass box erected next to it that brought me to the neighborhood in the first place.

This of course has my wheels spinning.  How would I style and design the interior spaces and furnishings? Or soften and modernize the strong Mediterranean arches and terracotta roof tile aesthetic? I am not usually rustic in my design approach so I turned to the internet rich with resources for inspiration. 10-Rustic-and-Modern-Wooden-Bed-Frames-for-a-Stylish-Bedroom-Photo

In concept, I would like furnishings with neutral linen upholstery, a mix of rustic unfinished and stained lacquer wood furniture, woven rugs and textiles with rustic patterns and texture as simple accents. I also envision solid surfaces that are cool in tone but reflect a polished rustic feel.  All will be paired with delicate french inspired fixtures and architectural details as shown in the bathroom pictured below.

I think if we do end up in the adobe style home I can make it modern, rustic, with a touch of elegant glamour and blend it all together just like the neighborhood.


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