Mother of Art!

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Mother’s have talents, strengths and many other qualities that I admire so very much, especially my own mother.  My mother, Kathi is without a doubt where I have inherited any design talent I posses. An eye for color, texture, and detail in both interior design and fashion.  When it comes to art she has this crazy ability to replicate art or create art in a way that I simply can not.  She is always humble, or slightly embarrassed by her artwork, like the way a chef is always critical of his own dish no matter how fantastic it is.  I treasure each piece in her home, and this is why I share with pictures of her artwork, which is only one of my mother’s many talents.

Designer: Artwork Feature on

One more thing…our family has a sense of humor with art.  There has been this painting in my parents home for at least the last 18 years.  It was a dark, gloomy, moody painting of a path that my mother brought home with her when I was a kid.  It was always displayed unaltered and in the landscape orientation until one day it received a white washing treatment to soften the dark black tones in the path.  Later on, in an experiment for size and proportion the large canvas was turned on its side, and there it has remained. This artwork has been displayed this way in it this unintentional spot for the past few years and it is always a conversation at the dinner table once anyone realizes its turned the wrong way. I love it because of that. It’s art. (See Below)

Designer: Artwork Feature on

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