Designing Children’s Rooms


My appreciation for interiors specially designed for children was inspired by the love affair I had with Kelly Wearstler when I was just starting design school.   I came across an image of her son’s bedroom and was in awe of how elegant the room was, yet understood this is a place for children.


Kelly Wearstler has long been my inspiration as an interior designer from the moment I was gifted her book Modern Glamour by my mother.   To this day I still flip through it for inspiration as each interior featured on the pages is timeless. She has a style that I love and interprets color and lines in this modern and fabulous way.


My comment about children’s rooms is simple: keep the furnishings and textiles soft.  Add elements that are mature like a sparkling chandelier or an eye catching wardrobe.  I think it is important to reflect style and personality which can be done without injecting kitchy wall decals and cartoon faces on everything.  It is a much better design to translate a princess theme with a tulle bedskirt and a fun glamorous pink chandelier.




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