Fresh Air

Marcus Hay Featured on found paint colors!

I have a strong desire for fresh air.   When the holidays are over and a fresh new year rushes in I tackle the cleaning and purging of my home like it’s April.  The very good reason for that is if you were a Floridian and you waited for April that gorgeous cool florida “winter” air would be long gone.   So spring cleaning starts in January along with the idea to redecorate.  Out with the holiday decor of golds and velvets and in with the cool grays, colorful pinks, and fresh soft textiles. Some rooms in a home need colorful life especially on the walls and usually in the less frequently used areas.  The color on the wall remains as if to say “I will keep this room alive and fresh until you return”.    So here begins my current decor addiction to finding colorfully painted walls.

Marcus Hay featured on photo by Jonny Valiant
Photo by Jonny Valiant.

In a family home growing up the attic bedroom was painted a bright and saturated pink.  This room at the top of the stairs was my favorite spot in the house. That could be the reason I fell in love with Kimberly Stweards bedroom designed by Marcus Hay.  The real balance that I applaud Marcus for in this room is the touches of print and texture, balance of gray, and striking Sputnik light fixture from Design Within Reach that keep the room design chic and playful.

Murcus Hay featured on, photo by Jonny Valiant

I am not sure what this color is, but if I were to take a stab at picking some samples from Benjamin Moore I would go with Pink Ladies, Springtime Bloom, Island Sunset, or Rhododendron.  I think any of those samples would be just the right amount of color.  Note: in this room design only select walls were painted, if the whole room is painted the color will become more richly intensified by the natural light in the room reflecting off the walls.

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